The boycott that isn't a boycott
Comments by Hal Netkin
The objective of a workers' boycott is to prove to their employers that without them at work, the employers will feel a hardship. But according to several newspaper reports, the organizers of the boycott are asking employers not to punish their employees for taking the day off. In other words, the employees and organizers are asking the permission from their employers to allow the employees to boycott them.

With regards to not buying anything for one day: Illegal aliens and poor immigrants don't have much money to buy much more than food. What money they may have to spend over and above the necessities usually leaves the U.S. economy to Mexico (or other third world country). The purchasing power of illegal aliens in the U.S. is miniscule without which for one day wouldn't even be noticeable.

Any hardship felt, will be by the employers who hire illegal aliens who will do without their cheap labor for one day.

For those of us who do economically pump up the economy, it would be smart to leave your shopping for May 1 and enjoy uncrowded stores.

Most ludicrous is students boycotting schools. My adopted Hispanic daughter (a straight "A" student) who attends Van Nuys Middle School with a large Hispanic student population, will enjoy for one day, uncrowded classrooms.

The high school dropout rate in the Los Angeles Unified School System according to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is 50 percent -- and the vast majority of drop outers are Hispanic students. Many of these students who don't drop out, can't graduate because they can't pass a state mandated eighth grade level exit exam in three tries. So who are these students going to hurt by walking out?

Yes, the demonstrators will get attention -- like they did before -- they repulsed Americans.

Note: It seems odd that Mayor Villaraigosa wants to take over the LAUSD. He was an affirmative action college student who studied law, but could never pass the bar exam after failing it four times.


The above flyers are being posted all over Los Angeles (and other cities).