Informal Van Nuys Neigborhood Meeting. Victoria is shown clutching her forehead.
To: Victoria Davidson-Castillo
President, Van Nuys Neighborhood Council

June 10, 2004

Dear Victoria:

In last night's VNNC's meeting (Wednesday, June 9, 2004), we discussed the limits of our outreach effort to attract stakeholders. When I said that I would be shocked if any of the (ex) board members thought it was OK for Registered sex offenders on probation to vote as stakeholders or run for members of the board, I nearly fell out of my seat when you, as the present Board President of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council, outrageously said in front of your young son and seven neighborhood stakeholders, that you were OK with registered sex offenders on probation, voting or running for the board.

It is a certainty that the vast majority of Van Nuys stakeholders would be outraged if they knew that you were OK with registered sex offenders on probation voting or holding a seat on the Board of Directors. It is also a certainty that had you included this opinion in your campaign address to the stakeholders in the pre-election forum, that the only votes you would have gotten, would have been from registered sex offenders.

As the President of, I will use all my resources to campaign against you, should you run for reelection in October.  But to discourage you from seeking another term as Board Member, I am launching my campaign against you now. I believe that I am speaking for the majority of stakeholders in this open email letter which is also posted on the LAwatchdog website.


Hal Netkin

The L.A. City Attorney says the following persons may vote or run for office as long as they live, work, or own property in the neighborhood: Felons, Registered Sex Offenders on parole, illegal aliens, fugitives, murderers --- anybody! Click here for More...