March 22, 2002

SUBJECT: Jewish City Council Members Plot Ouster of President Padilla.

Dear Mr. Padilla:

I previously sent to you an email on this subject with the intention that you would be surprised and offended by being unwittingly associated with La Voz de Aztlan. I sincerely hope that I did not personally offend you.

My website and its supporters are strongly AGAINST ANY kind of racism, hate, terror, religious fanaticism, or militant activities -- regardless from what individuals or groups it comes from. Since I am (on an ongoing basis) making public the list of racist groups and anti-American Latino groups, their anti-American supporters and affiliates, I hope sincerely that you do NOT wish to be affiliated with La Voz de Aztlan, and I ask that you simply let me know which side of this issue you would like to be listed on.

I mean no disrespect at all, and I'm sorry to put you on the spot, but there are groups of un-American and militant racist groups out there stirring up the Latino community, and more than one political figure has simply refused to say whether or not he/she supports these anti-American, racist, and hate-mongering groups. So that I may publish the accurate truth, Mr. Padilla, please tell me directly in writing where you stand on this issue and (hopefully) that you are against hatred, racism, Latino Separatism, and anti-Americanism of hate groups such as La Voz De Aztlan, MEChA, The Brown Berets, Nation of Aztlan, and some others. Regardless of  where you do stand, I pledge to publish your statement accurately and your stance on this important issue clearly.

Hal Netkin
To date, Mr. Padilla chose to ignore my email -- nor did I get any comments from any of the other Council members who received copies of same.